Secure Your Wordpress Site Like the Pros

A free email series to help you harden your site from hacking

This 5-part email series has been created with the help of our partner  Radiant Webscapes and is aimed at everyone building or maintaining a Wordpress web site. It will highlight the threats against Wordpress, explain how to remedy them, and discuss why Wordpress is a constant target for hackers.

We'll teach you how to securely set up a Wordpress site, configure it for optimal security, and make some simple changes to enhance its protection.

Wordpress Security

Wordpress websites are frequently open to critical security vulnerabilities. They're easy to fix... but how much would your business suffer if you got hacked?

There are 5 key things you need to do in order to harden WordPress and keep your website secure. Subscribe to the free email series above to learn more, or Contact Us for a more thorough evaluation!